I HEART Apartment Therapy

I'm going to be totally honest here, I used to spend way too much time on Apartment Therapy. If the IT guy at my old workplace ever did a audit of my internet usage, they would be horrified by how much time I spent day-dreaming about gorgeous homes and glamorous apartments. So, you can't imagine how thrilled I was when Apartment Therapy contacted me last month, asking if I would be interested in being featured on one of their house tours.
Hell yes! I would!
The apartment was in the most pristine condition it had ever been in when I decided that I should move my air conditioning unit, promptly spilled dirty water all over my floor and dress. It was at that precise moment that the doorbell rang, and I was greated by Kate's smiling face. She graciously helped me lug the behemoth into the yard, and laughed at how silly it all was. We became fast friends.
The article is going live today, and you can see it here.


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