Lacy-A little Lady, a little punk.

Lacey and I used to work together, and I have to admit I've always had a style-crush on her. She would regularly come to work with pink hair and a spring in her step. She's punk, but also lady-like and always hilarious. When I started the collaboration series, Lacey was the first person I thought of. She is 10 years younger than me, and so I was interested to see what she would do given free reign to design anything her heart desired. She came up with the neon and natural 'Lacey' sandal.

We love it!

Lacey Voss

Where do you live:
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

What do you do:
Knits Designer at American Eagle Outfitters.

What inspired your clogs?
When I was flipping through the Bryr leather colors, I fell in love with the "neon melon" and it matched perfectly to my favorite lipstick Revlon's Orange Flip. I always loved how classy ladies would match their lip color to their nails and shoes.  I thought to myself "I wanna be a classy lady!"  I chose to color block the Annabella ankle strap sandal with neon melon and a natural leather color to keep it neutral and chic... and then I threw a little craziness in by adding a metallic silver racing stripe up the back heel.  Metallics and shine are everywhere right now, and it adds an interesting twist to the shoe.

Who/what inspires you?
Classy Ladies, German Milkmaids, Hussein Chalayan Fall'12 collection, basement shows, Brigette Bardot and Meghan Rotundi (from Felicity, the TV show)

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