Delia and Ella

Deliah and Ella
Name: Delia Kosowicz
Occupation: Owner, Jo handbags
Where are you from: Romania
How long have you lived in NYC:  30 years

Isobel: I know you and your ex-husband have a close relationship. Can you talk a little bit about being a single mum, and the decisions you and your ex made to both be active in Ella's life?

Delia:  Break-ups can be hard and ours was no different. But we chose our daughter's happiness over our bickering.  It really was that simple.  We now live a block away and have a wonderful friendship which helps us focus on being good parents.  Our unique situation has a lot of advantages. We both get to spend one on one quality time with Ella and have time to ourselves.  I don't remember the last time we paid for a sitter! The best part of it all, as hoped, Ella IS a happy kid.

Isobel: We both use to have 'big corporate jobs' and then threw them in to follow our dreams. Can you talk a little about being a entrepreneur and what it means to you to be a role model for your daughter?

Delia:  I remember a time when I would run to pick Ella up from after-school at 6PM, run home to make dinner, do homework followed by bath, a little reading and bed at 8. After which of course I would get back on the computer and continue working until 10 or 11PM.  I am exhausted just thinking of what those days were like.  Not to mention the very limited time I had with Ella.  These days life is still busy but a whole lot more fulfilling and FUN! Yes, I am poorer, but so what! The benefits of my day-to-day far outweigh the stress of my past life.  These days I pick Ella up at 3, stroll home and stop for a snack at the Farmer's Market where we actually have time to smell the flowers.  We still read at bedtime but often we'll read to each other for an hour rather than 10 minutes.  When it comes to  Jo, Ella submits her own ideas and comments on ours.  She evaluates mockups and often makes very good observations.  She loves to see how new collections come together and has learned so much about the design process by just being around it.

Isobel: We were out to dinner the other night at Freedman's, and this rich dentist guy sitting next to us at the bar was being condescending about being a new-dad. I really relished telling him that you have an 9 year old, and shutting him up (that probably says something dark-sided about me). What's it like having a pre-teen in NYC?

Delia:  That was a funny moment!  Pre-teen! Wow! I don't think I've thought of Ella as pre-teen yet but you are right.  I think NYC is fantastic for kids AND parents.  We don't do the typical mall visits on weekends (I don't think I've ever taken Ella shopping!).  Our weekend time is spent reading in Central Park in the summer, ice skating in the winter, spending time with our friends, seeing every exhibit at Museum of Natural History, going to Farmer Markets, lounging in the apartment and relaxing.  We walk a lot!  We watch old movies and documentaries (Audrey Hepburn movies are the top of the list).  I don't know what the next few years will bring, but so far NYC is the perfect backdrop for our life.

Delia is wearing Phoebe boots in petrol.


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