Nikki- Crafty lady

Nikki, Finn and Levi
Name: Nikki Katz
Occupation: Stay at home mom and owner/craftsperson of Assembly of the Wild
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Where do you live currently/how long: Laguna Niguel, California for 3 years
Isobel: We met years ago when we were both independent (ie struggling) designers in San Francisco. If you could go back in a time machine and give yourself some advice, what would it be?

Nikki: I would advise myself to charge more for my hand loomed sweaters. At the time I was trying to charge a competitive price so that stores would place orders instead of paying myself for my time. To compensate financially for this I had to bar-tend and waitress on top of hand looming sweaters at night. After 3 years I burned out. It was too  much too try and keep up with. I feel that there is a movement today of people appreciating and valuing hand crafted products. Instead of purchasing a lot of inexpensive items you can by something that is original and hand crafted. It will last longer and be something special instead of disposable.
Isobel: How do you balance having 2 young boys and staying sane? 

Nikki: It can be tough sometimes to maintain a balance. We are lucky to live in Southern California and so close to the beach. We spend a lot of time out doors gardening in the back yard, playing at the park, and going down to the beach. We are all a little less stir crazy outdoors. I take several yoga classes a week to help clear my mind and balance my body. I also try to take small trips to visit my best girlfriends in LA, San Francisco, and NYC. Next month I will be in New York for 4 days and I can't wait to eat out, shop, and spend quality time with some old friends.
Isobel: What was your mum like, and how do you think she informed your parenting philosophy?

Nikki: My mom always taught us the value and importance of meals together. She grew up on a farm and a lot of our vegetables came from our grandparents. She taught us how to pick blackberries, shuck corn, and can tomato juice. We would pick a bucket of berries and come home to make black berry cobbler or jellies. I loved learning how to bake and cook through my mother and grandmother. I try to pass this on to my children by having a garden in the back and letting them help. Levi loves to stand on a chair as I cook and watch and participate. We always have dinner together and it is something that even as the children grow older we will continue to do.

Nikki is wearing the phoebe brogue clog.


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