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One of the unexpected and lovely things that's happened this year with Bryr is that I've had a few brides approach me about wearing our clogs for their wedding day. One of those Brides was Chen Blume, of Blume Studio. When I met her, I fell in love with her simple and elegant jewelry, and so I knew her wedding would be just that. Here she shares a little about her work and her wedding.

Name: Chen Blume
Occupation: Graphic and Jewelry Designer 
Home town: Newton, Ma and San Francisco, CA
Your website: Blume Studio

Bryr: It says on your website that your jewelry line is a collaboration between you and your mum. How did that collaboration start, and how to do work together? What's your collaboration process?

Chen: A few years ago My mom and I took an evening jewelry class together. After a few months we saw that our creations were becoming popular. People would ask if they could buy some of our jewelry and that was when we decided to start offering our jewelry for sale. Our collaboration process started by learning together and making things side by side.  We bounce ideas off of each other and are honest with each other when a design just isn’t working. About a year ago I moved to San Francisco so our collaboration process changed a bit. Now we FaceTime a lot and we do spend several weeks a year  working together to prepare for large shows like Renegade Craft. 

Bryr: I love how linear your work is. Can you talk a little about what inspires you?
Chen: Architecture, graphic design, construction sites, city life inspired our linear line and actually all of our work. We love simple shapes coming together to created something three dimensional. Our favorite part of forming jewelry by hand is that we are limited by the materiality of metal, and that frees us up to play with shape, and dimension. Another aspect of hand building is that the raw or imperfect aspect becomes even more apparent when we focus on linear and geometric shapes. The magic for us is that cross between the strive for perfection/symmetry and the less perfect human touch. 

Bryr: Did you make the hair piece for your wedding? Any plans to add this to your line?
Chen: One of the best parts for me about getting married was designing and creating all of our bling for the big day. I ended up making our 18k wedding bands, Q’s cufflinks, my necklace, earnings and head piece. It was my first time working with gold and gold filled material. I do want to add a wedding line to our store. I think the first step will be to have these pieces made to order and feel out the demand for these product lines.

Bryr: Please tell us a little more about your wedding, and why did you choose to wear Bryr clogs on your big day?

Chen: Our wedding took place an hour south of San Francisco at a small winery in Woodside CA. I was worried that I would hate my wedding day because I don’t like being at the center of attention but it ended up being a genuine experience and I didn’t feel like I was preforming a show for others. Our Rabbi, Noa Kushner who conducted the ceremony had a huge part to play. She added so much spirit and meaning to the ceremony and made everyone feel included and united. It was about us and our families celebrating together and most importantly it was fun. 

It was very important for both of us to use all local vendors for everything! From the flowers to what we wore. It’s important for us to give back to our local communities.  My dress was made and designed in LA by Heidi Merrick. It’s not really a wedding dress, maybe that’s why I liked it so much. Fichu the altering shop I found in the Marina district really helped to take the dress to the next level by making every detail fit just right.  

I didn’t think I would be possible to find locally made shoes and was thrilled to find Bryr two weeks before the wedding! I love the edgy, casual yet elegant style of Bryr and of course the fact that they are hand made here in the city. I also never wear heals.. I just fall on my face if I do, and Bryr clogs were super comfortable. I wore them all night and even danced in them. Also they easy to dress up or down, I knew I would wear again so it was a double win!

Bryr: What advise would you get any bride-to-be out there?
Chen: Give your self time to plan, ask for help from family and friends! You can’t do it all yourself! This big day is what you make out of it. It can be as big, small, fancy or casual as you like. If you aren’t a girly girl like me just know there are plenty of ways of designing and planning your wedding to fits you, and not the other way around.  

If you'd like to see Chen's work in person, she'll be at these upcoming markets:
Urban Air Market 
Hayes Valley, Sunday May 3rd!
Trunk Show at The Whistle Shop for Mothers Day weekend!
Whistle SF | MAY 8th-9th 
1311 16th Ave, San Francisco
Sat-Sun | 10-6pm


  1. These are really amazing photographs of your wedding. Couple of months ago, I arranged my cousin’s wedding reception party at one of exquisite Los Angeles wedding venues. Invited all our family and friends and had an amazing party.